People Remember your flattering does not mean you work with them all your life.

I remember when I work with Arthokntho, I design the cover and I bring the design to the editore.

The editore said me something like that.

You are a genious.

Arthokntho Editore

Recently this pop up in my memory and I write this article title.

I didn’t remember his name but I remember his compliment or it can be flattering.

One thing is very important of this memory, people remember people by his complement or his flattering.

Ok, happy flattering day.

You miss that thing I am not working with these people anymore nor I wist to work with them. I meet one people, he is CEO of one of the largest corporation of Bangladesh. He didn’t make any compliment at all. But he is not an asshole. He is a decent guy. In fact, is a poem.

In my opinion

Complement is a responsibility, when you make a compliment with other it will create a relationship but how much deep it will only depend on how much you take the responsibility of that person.

Sushen Biswas

Make a habit of complimenting other so you can start making relationships with people but don’t make a bad habit so people can define you like a flattering person.