About Author

Sushen Biswas is a Communication Specialist Who is famous for his Communication theory “how communication element evaluate “.

After His Graduation he started working as designer in arthakantha. Then he work as a Assistant film Director in advertising media industries. After long exploring in media industries he join as a Creative Director in Meshstocks.

His most contribution is the adaption process of new media. He show people, how old media become obsolete and new media come take place and how the craft adapted smoothly to new media.

Now He run is own consultancy firm. He is starting a simple idea in the universe it call ABCD (Artificial Intelligence Bitcoin Cryptographer Development). if you want to know hip personally just book appointment with him.
In future He will be Working in WXYZ (WordPress,XAMP,Youtube,Zapier) project.

In his personal life he follow BCCI (Business is cooking coding investment).

To See More his work and involvedness follow his Progress Sheet.