I want to die

There are many ways of dying. You want to die because of work presser. It’s ok. I will tell you the most effective way of daying.

Living in third world country:

You have work pressure because you have to earn your living. In a third world country, there is no such morality. The first government doesn’t push people to do this, society doesn’t push for work, even family don’t post to do that. You are a foreigner no one push you to do work. Just open an NGO then buy pice of land and start living. if you ask people especially women they will work with you for free because they still don’t know they have to exchange time with money. The day you step your feet here your past identity dies.

Marry in third world country:

Ther is lo of dating app on your phone still you don’t find loving caring people. If you start living here and find a family and tell them you want to marry they will make sure a loving caring person for you. your family makes full effort to make it happen. The arrange marriage culture is still a big part of there life. They will celebrate when you first meet the person and person family they will celebrate when their family meet yours, they will celebrate your first night, they will celebrate before your first night with such preparation, they will celebrate when your your father, mother, uncle, aunt, brother, sister meet there father, mother, uncle, aunt, brother, sister they have a name for that. They celebrate when your child in your woom. They celebrate when you go to the bride’s house every year. My writing cant handles all the emotion they have for life and your dating apps makers team don’t have the experience. you are trying to find proper things in the wrong place. come here and find what the human body really desires.

Stablishing a school in third world country:

you are the God who has magical power. people here don’t understand the mastery of certain craft so they don’t have one except for life. here people seek mastery and you always find people because we have plenty of theme. give them who seek. if you need a school make one. there are people who make plenty of mosk, charge, temple and they make school also but that school always serves for the colony. I hope your school will be for those who seek magic. Just come here to die and I will show you who you do it properly.

Travel in third world country:

still, there are many places in the world where you can go only using your feet. still, there is place where GPRS doesn’t work. still, there is lot of places where plenty of people living and there is a place for you. They care because you are a living organism. trave and find one and your past identity will vanish.

I grantee you after living with some family in here you will find its worth living. some idote boos will not going to tell you the mening of you life or who you are. If you need assistance contact me here.